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About us (The bragging page)

As long as there is a keen eye on safety, playing with our “Big boy toys”* is supposed to be as much fun as possible (accidents are never fun, so think while you fly).

What do we want to achieve?

Humour and silliness is a good way to add fun to everything, so that is what we have chosen to focus on. Glider Gadgets supply a collection of useful accessories, which are tailored for the sailplane pilot who wants to add a bit of humour to his flying -or just show the rest of the world how cool he is for having chosen the world’s fastest green sport, while realising the age old dream of flying.

The products might be a bit silly, they are designed to be, but we put a lot effort into creating the accessories and our webshop (which has resulted in the way to long product descriptions). We take the design process very seriously in order to bring you useful and valuable products out of love for the sport and the design process. That is the reason why we chose the slogan:

Serious about silliness

…(And because the dual S’es added a nice ring to it, like the G’s in the company name).

Oh, by the way… YES that is Comic Sans, the font you should NEVER use if you want to be taken seriously. Fortunately, at Glider Gadgets, we do not mean our product to be taken too seriously. Instead they will hopefully put a smile on everyone’s face, while they gently shake their head over the silliness. We therefore find that this is one of the few places this hated font can be used, since it reflects the mood of the products. So we used it! …Just because we can.

We want to hear from you

We care about our customers, and will gladly answer questions, and share information not given on the webpage. If you want to save some time, have a look at our frequently-asked-questions-section (FAQ), since it is densely packed with useful information. Should it happen that you cannot find the answer there, feel free to contact us via the contact page.

Praise is appreciated (everyone likes praise, although it might make us a bit embarrassed in the good way). Since we are just humans, criticism will annoy us at first, but that is only because we want to have products which function perfectly. However we know that feedback is valuable resource for learning and optimising, so we encourage any comments, questions or constructive criticism (but please don’t be a jerk; know that we are trying).


Find the right product

Have look around -Trying to spot all the little details and quirks hidden in the products and product descriptions is great fun. There are many pearls like self-referencing and alternative labelling of the products (exemplified with the Portable Thermal Generator). See if you can find something nice for yourself or maybe a present for one of your loved ones (or maybe one you hate because you feel obligated to buy them something ...we don’t care, we know they will love our products too).

We hope that you will enjoy browsing the webpage, and investigate all corners of it …maybe you will even find the page that is meant to never be seen. It is our hope that you will enjoy using the products as much as we enjoyed designing them.

*(sorry gals, but let’s face it, there are not enough chicks in this sport, so most of the pilots reading this is probably male, hence the generalisation)

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