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Tired of constantly having to teach people what everything is called over and over again? 

This product will teach about aprons in a way that no one will ever forget the name of the thing again. The best thing: It will do so without you having to put any effort into the process. Save time, and buy this self-explanatory product.

It comes in two colours: Black and white, choose the one that is most similar in colour to the contaminant you expect (white if you bake a lot of bread, black if you plan to smear burned stuff on it). It won’t make a real hygienic difference, but it will make the dirt less visible, and leave a false impression of being cleaner.

Disclaimer: This item belongs in the category of products that solve a problem that no one has, but it appears to be the perfect gift anyway, due to some clever marketing. As a side effect, it will protect your clothes against sauce splashes, flour or similar items.


Material: 70% polyester/30% cotton
Size: 20x30''
Adjustable neck loop and long ties
Two front pockets
Fabric weight: 9.0 oz

Apron Explainer

€ 30,82Price
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