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It has for a long time been known amongst sailplane pilots that the bucket hat has magic powers that improve your luck and flying skill.
Think about it:
Why else would someone wear a hat that makes them look that stupid?
...It must add an advantage due to magic.
On the good side though, if someone can see you wearing the hat while flying a single seater, they are waaaaay to close anyway.
Sneak it into the plane, put it on after take-off and take it off just prior to landing, and no one will ever see that you use these voodoo tricks. That way you can keep up a nice appearance, unless you are stupid enough NOT to hide it while snapping a selfie.
For some strange reason, the “Soaring Hat” has been a stable fashion item amongst sailplane pilots for many years, and the anthropologists cannot figure out why. A hypothesis is that it functions as a good tool for the person who wants to signal that he is part of the flock, and that it dampens the FOMO-system in the wearer’s brain, and thereby lowers the overall stress level.
However it negatively affects the mating potential of the wearer, and evolution ought to have eliminated the preference for this strange behaviour long time ago.
Hence this item should only be worn by men past the reproductive age or young individuals who can more than make up for its effect.

Should you, against all warnings, still want this item, it can be bought in three colours: Front-seat-black, Solo-white, and I-want-to-be-different-blue.


Disclaimer: The Magical Soaring Hat will be suplied without any white rabbits.
• Height: Mid-profile, 3” crown
• Head circumference 21 5/8” to 23 1/8”
• Fit: Comfortable fit
• Size: One size fits nobody. Head circumference 21 5/8” to 23 1/8”
• Color: Black, white and navy blue
• Cleaning: Handwash or machinewashable
• Material: 98% cotton/2% spandex

Magical Soaring hat

€ 32,78Price
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