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baggrund skitser.png
Oh look at that beauty! Long slender body, but still with some nicely flowing curves and a well-proportioned rear section. Definitely a model most fun to play with when undressed… and I guess its female pilot is rather ok too –if only she would get rid of that stupid hat! (which was bought in our webshop).
She can’t be the smartest though, since she hasn’t figured out that high heels and sailplanes is a bad combination.

This sticker can be acquired in grayscale for the calm quiet person and seductress red, for those of you who like a bit more KAPOW! I made an army green version for you flyboys in the air force, who has managed to see that adding the challenge of flying without the engine is great fun.
In order to not take side in the age old friendly battle between the army and the navy (getting in-between two so powerful institutions is dangerous), I have made a version in navy blue too for sailors who would also like a sticker in their company colour.

Notice that this sticker is rather small at about 10 cm (4” for those of you who haven’t figured out that metric is the right way to go, and is too lazy to do the conversion yourself).
This design feature will improve the WAF (wife approval factor), and will increase the likelihood of success when placing a half-naked girl on your sailplane.
In case a compromise is necessary, a more discrete and less vibrant version has been made in order for it to blend a little better in with the plane (maybe she won’t even notice it).

Warning: This sticker features product placement, semi nudity, gender stereotypes and other cheap selling-tricks to compensate for our designer’s mediocre drawing skills.

• Transparency: High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
• Fast and easy bubble-free application
• Material: Durable vinyl
• Thickness: 95µm

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.

Sailplane Pinup Army version

€ 7,50Price
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