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You have worked hard to get that glider license, and now you need something to symbolise your effort and to indicate your capabilities to master the art of flying without an engine. This emblem is designed with the long slender wings of a soaring bird, and is meant to be proudly worn by true sailplane pilots, as a symbol of their achivements.

Those pesky jet pilots  in their uniforms looks like the own the entire world, but when their engines quits they are in trouble. With this peice of bling you can show them that you master some skills they don't have.




  • Size: 90 x 23mm (3.5 x 0.9")
  • Material: Made from metal
  • Surface: Patinated bronze
  • Attachment: Two butterfly pins secures a firm non-rotating atachment.  
  • Weight:  17g


Sailplane Wing Emblem

€ 21,65Price
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