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Let us admit it, even though we love flying, in the flat lands it can be a bit trivial when there are no thermals. How often have you stood on the airfield looking towards the sky, and thought:

If only there were some thermals?

Luckily, now there is a solution!

The Portable Thermal Generator (patented) can create a thermal anywhere and anytime, you want it. All that is needed to create a thermal is a heat source that can raise the temperature of the surrounding air. However, a high moisture content in the air will make it able to store more energy as latent heat, which will increase the strength of your thermal. The humidity will furthermore add a cloud to indicate where the thermal can be found under certain atmospheric conditions. In order to specifically exploit these effects, the Portable Thermal Generator has a build in water storage reservoir. Just add water and heat, and you will soon see a thermal forming in the air above the product. The resulting fluid dynamic motion can be rather mesmerizing to observe for the science geek or just a pilot who wants to gain a better understanding of how thermals work (However be cautious, you risk getting stuck there for quite a while, literally just staring into the air).

If you want to personalize your thermal (so you later can identify which one is yours) an option is flavouring the water. E.g. will coffee beans add a nice odour to you thermal. The spread of the smell of coffee will further serve as an indication that your thermal generator works properly, even under conditions where no clouds form.

The Portable Thermal Generator comes in two colours. The cool blueprint design is perfect for the engineers (you know the cool guys who obey the laws of natur) and architects, (who constantly insist on trying to break the laws of nature).

The second option is Minimalistic Black and White that fits nicely into the modern homes where everything has to be white and boring.

Avoid your guest fighting over who gets to use this cool item, by buying a sufficiently large quantity of them.

Note that this product is shipped without a form one, and use in sailplanes is therefore not recommended. The item comes with the instructions printed on it, so you never loose them.

Technical parameters:

Volume: 11oz (325ml)
Material: Ceramic
Height: 3.85" (9.8 cm)
Diameter: 3.35" (8.5 cm)
Color: Rim, inside, and handle, black or blue
Cleaning: Handwash, dishwasher
Microwave safe

The Portable Thermal Generator

€ 27,63Price
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