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Everything a sailplane pilot needs to show off in a discrete and humorous manner

Carrying around a 15m+ sailplane is hard, so it is a bit difficult to flash it on a date or at the office, but worry no more! 

We feature a selection of sailplane related merchandise, which can discretely hint at how awesome you are, without you coming of as bragging.

They can serve as a good conversation starter, as they will invite some questions, proving that the listener is interested in what you have to tell.

(Be careful fellow introverts, you might have to talk, but at least it will be about some interesting and important topics).

Eliminate your sailplane related issues (like lack of thermals, reflections in the canopy or pilot-overheating) with our products. Furthermore the humour will bring out the smiles which makes a good day becomes even better.

Selected Extract of the Products Catalog

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Product Categories

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Self-Censuring Equipment

Do you hate  having to walk around undressed?

Maybe this is caused by the ideals of a perfect body which are constantly imposed on you by society and which makes you feel ashamed of the body you were given.

Maybe, in order to fit in, you just want to follow the dogma that exposing your body should only be done under very special conditions.

Maybe you want what you wear to send a certain signal to the rest of the world of how you are the most

__[insert your own flattering adjective here]__


Or maybe you just want to avoid getting too cold unnecessarily.

Whatever your problem may be, it is likely that you can find something in here that will help with the issue.

(But don’t count on the items helping you to weld under water (that is really tricky) or divide by zero (that is downright impossible)).

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A lot of our competitors are trying to create an artificial need in order to sell more of their products.

We won’t sink to such lousy tactics, we are waaaay to honest for that.

We know that our products are mainly gimmicks, which aren't really fulfilling any essential need.

(However you might actually need our products to fulfil the requirement of presenting an appropriate gift to a loved sailplane pilot).

...So we put a sailplane on many of them, just because planes are fantastic, and many sailplane pilots want things with planes...

Furthermore many people cannot really distinguish between want and need anyway, or they just don’t care about the difference since our products will bring joy in any case.

...All the Other Stuff you Don't Really Need

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